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What is more, as the ancient story of the mouth to say the son of rice, the mother in front of a far away to do a cake hanging on his son's neck, the son will not cook, or even hand-held cake to eat , Will only chew to the mouth of the food, and finally came to a miserable dead end. Children who live under the blessing of their parents, if one day, parents leave, nothing more than to sit empty, defeated the family business, fell down a poor and clean. This is not sensational, and indeed is the ultimate outcome of many rich second generation. Has been walking in the teacher 's old road students, but the teacher is a copy of the final. Do not have their own achievements, it can only live in the shadow of teachers under the mediocrity.
Shortcuts easy to go, and the cost of such a heavy, it is better to do it yourself, seeking a life of plenty. Instead of retaining their younger generation behind, personally for them to open up anterior, it is better to let go, overlooking them overcoming all obstacles, and in the mountains to give clear when the water is exhausted. Rather than guarding the rich parents of their property, as a separate portal. Enjoy a success of their own. Bill Gates had long since dispersed his wealth, and the sons and daughters had no coveted wealth at their fingertips. Have found their own way. To find their own business, predecessors do not leave wealth, because the grant to the fish. They do not accept gifts from their predecessors. Because it belongs to their life
To teach them to fish, a clear way for the younger generation instructions. Let it stand the baptism of wind and rain. Get rid of dependence. Walking alone. So that all the way to accumulate into the experience of wisdom to see through the Red. All the way hard to create a smooth storm. Finally, standing at the end of the road, even if not vigorous. Can also laugh on the fate. Without regret.

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